07.28.15Tom O'Neil

I met a lady in Vons, Gover Beach, California who said you might be able to help a friend of mine in Tucson who is an up-and-coming musician. I am not sure why she said you might help or how, but here I am! The name of my friend is Amber Norgaard, she has opened for Kenny Loggins and others, has a great voice, but, I guess, needs a break (!) I will put you in touch...thanks

12.21.13Bryan Hayes

Dear Susan;
I feel a bit like rip van winkle,I'm an old friend of mike's,jounior high and high school and Oregon.hard to tell you how sorry I was to here of his passing.we lost areally great guy.
I tried to get him to come to our friend Dave Hammock's memorial just a couple months earlier.
The few times I get down there,I was kind of bummed I missed him.Only to find out he was undoubtedly already in kimo.
Well I like mike wasn't to computer oriented.Fought it like the plague,finially took acouple of classes(didn't even know how to turn it on)and last spring my sister gave me her old laptop,so I'm just entering the modern world I guess.
I was hoping to buy acouple of cd's and say hello only to find out I was a little bit more than late.But I'm still intrested in the CD's if you still have some.I saw them for sale on one of the web sites but I'm not finding them now.
Another page somewhere,Kevin Dodge (Did he go to montecito union grade school)had a picture of Randy,Barbie,rielly in 71',all high school buddy's love to see that.
One thing I didn't see mentioned,In 70-71'era in a little Goleta shanty on Olney st.was The Olney st. Blues Band.I even played conga with them at the Lobero theater once Dave Hammock playrd drums,Mike on bass,Randy guitar and maybe Rielly or wilson,I can't remember who all.
Hi to Mark if he remembers me.
wishing you well
Bryan and julie Hayes
from Port Townsend Wa.

11.17.13terry rowland

Hi Susan we met you (Jane and I) at a thrift store in San Luis Obispo and I want to hike with you. I could not catch you for your phone number. Can you contact me via email. take care

09.29.13Josephine Johnson

Hello, Susan! What a pleasure meeting you--I hope this Sunday is treating you well. I made it to Santa Monica and so far am having an incredible time. Truly. I played at a club yesterday afternoon and was well received. Today I think I will busk on the pier :) I had a look around Mike's website and will listen more to his music when I can pump up the sound and really listen. I'll be heading back toward San Luis O on Wednesday--it's be sweet to see you again!

Hope your birthday was a great one.


04.05.12Mike Baker

So sadden to here of Mike passing I grew up around the corner from Mike in Santa Barbara Shores. His brother Mark is a good friend of mine. Mark called me last Oct.. but I eas in Mexico and missed his call when I tryed to return his call I got a diconnected number'. I was wondering if someone there knew his phone number, or if someone could give him mine so he could call me shure would like to here from him. Mike Baker 541 942 8423. Just found out about this today I didnt know Mike had cancer Mike was such a good person Hell be missed by me and my wife Diana

09.30.11Joe Niehuser

Hey Susan...

I just heard of Mike's passing. I'm glad to hear that you were with him when he left. I've been meaning to get in touch with you guys but my life has been more then hectic. Moved from TN when I got hired by Focke in NC. Worked there until I got caught with over 3 ozs of OR MMJ. It destroyed my professional career. Figured if I had to work shit jobs I might as well do it in a place I love. Settled in Grand Junction CO a year ago "April Fools Day". I started going over the old BTB images. There are some classics. Especially the one's depicting the interaction between the Randy and Mike. I wanted to contact you earlier and see about letting you use selected images of the two of them as a Memorial to the Randy. Maybe now to the duo. My website is supposed to be up in December, so you'll be able to see all of them then. Accessed Mike's website before I started this so his music is playing in the background, having a hard time keeping back the tears...

Anyway sorry for our loss.... sincerely... Joe Niehuser

07.26.11Ron Sabin

Hi Michael, give me a call. 503-357-4902
Lex Browning is trying to contact you through me.
Call me.

12.30.10mikey Elliott

Hi Michael,
Please call me Re; our search for the "voice" of the old indian chief for our cartoon about a little boy named "Little Wind" and his journey into the wilderness ...

Home #(805)529-8185 cell # (805) 907-0942

Thank you,

Mikey Elliott

12.30.10mike elliott

Hello Mike Lopez!
Please call me at (805) 529-8185 or my cell at (805) 907-0942
Keven Johnson & I are looking for a "voice" of an old indian chief for our up coming kj cartoons project entitled: Little Wind - the story of a boy's survival ...

12.27.10Yolanda Maynez-Olivera

Hey Mike,
What a trip to connect again after such a long time. I love your music and hope to catch one of your performances.
Keep up the good work.

12.24.10Kevin Dodge

hi Mike i have some 1971 photos of you,Randy Madron,Barbie Wood & George Reilly playing a wedding \"pool party\" at
the Wallace\'s in Winchester Village,Goleta

you interested?

11.17.10Diane Turner

Hi Mike,
You have played for our xmas company party in 2008 @ the SYV Historical Museum. We are doing the same event this year and I was wondering if you were available. Friday: 12/17/10 6:00-9:00 (or maybe 8:00ish...). Please let me know your availability and rates.

Thanks, Diane (805) 686-9400 x204

11.11.10Lisa hill

Hi Mike!

I am hoping you remember Adam (the one who bought your cassette years ago at the natural history museum and we came and saw you in Santa Maria (?) and hadsten house.) I was looking at your itinerary to see if you are playing while he is here visiting from tomorrow until Sunday. I'm sad that you aren't but he should be here over a Wednesday during his winter break so hopefully we can come to your solvang gig in December.

Adam\'s 30th birthday just passed - same day as yours! Happy late birthday to you!!

Just a thought - and a very late thought - how much do you charge for a short concert? We will have an early dinner at his family\'s place in Santa Barbara to celebrate his birthday on Saturday november 13th. I know this is totally last minute and it would be a miracle if you were available. I also know that it is a far drive for you so that would have to be taken into consideration as well. Fingers are crossed that maybe by chance you will be in Santa Barbara this weekend already! But I know that is a lot of if\'s!

As I said I know this is totally last minute and can\'t imagine that it would be possible and that I could afford it! Maybe another time if not this time!

My very best to you and your wife who I know may read this before you do since she handles the website!


Lisa Hill

04.14.10Ben Lopez

So Mike what have you been up to? We need to talk.

03.20.10Bob Darling

I hope you're doing well. I'm S.B. for the weekend and was hoping to hear some good music. I looked on the internet for you and Randy and found out that Randy was gone. Bummer man.

Take care and hope life has been good to you,

Bob Darling

01.13.10Debra Chamness

Hey You,
Just sitting here enjoying you music!!!!!!!!!!

10.18.09Lisa Hill

Dear Mike,

My boyfriend, Adam, and I met you on 8/21 at the Whistle Stop. Adam had seen you perform at the Natural History Museum years ago and listened to the cassette he bought ever since. We had such a great time watching you play and talking to you during your break.

Adam's birthday is coming up on Oct. 30. I would love to purchase a CD from you for his birthday gift and I'm hoping you might be able to sign it. I was thinking I could pick it up from you during your Solvang performance this Tuesday. If that works, is there a good time to stop by (at the beginning or the end?)

Thank you so much!
Lisa Hill
(808) 372-3747

10.06.09Ken Hartman

Concert Date 2010 Summer Concert Series

08.23.09Mario Alvarado

Was looking at your pictures, and saw the one from 69. I still remember baning away on that old 12 string. I have some old photos of us I will e-mail to you. The camping trips were great fun.


hey Mike, sorry for your loss. see you up at paradise store.


Hey I'm Kashmars friend from the bay area. Hey you ever heard of a guy named Mike Addington? I think you would like his stuff alot. Me and the wife saw him in Red River New Mexico . Besides knocking us out , he reminded us of you. Google him. I'm telling him about you and you know what? It's a small world aint it. Bye the way , you might get a kick outta knowing Thats how you play cowboy has become an absolute staple of many a backyard bbq. Mine and other family members. THANKS!

07.11.09Robert ( Mountain Man ) Gaither

looked on face book but there is over 500 mike lopez, so i thought to go here to contact you so that you can go through facebook with this email address there is only one of me that i know of, travel safe and ketch you on the flip side

07.07.09Donald Blackfox

Good Morning,
We at Spirit Wind Records & Raven Hawk Productions are in the process of constructing new media kits for all our artists. It will include pictures bios and any reviews you have. Also a CD will be included. When it finished it will be sent to colleges & venues throughout the country. The media kit will be housed in a folder with all the info and CD. If you are interested in being involved with this project we will need about 10 cd’s to start also photo’s and any media press and reviews. If your interested please let me know and we will get started on you kit. We will send you a copy of the finished product we will need a mailing address to send it.
Donald Blackfox

06.30.09Mike Trotter

Hello my Friend e-mail me your # or call @951-898-0815.
Where is oceanus?

06.24.09Donald Blackfox

Hi Mike,
Just wanted you to know that you are now up on our site under male artist.
Also you are the spotlite artist for July. If you can send me a copy of each of your CD's I will add them to your page. Let me know your thoughts.
Donald Blackfox


looking for any indian assistance on stage in lubbock? i'm a 30year road musician. a friend of mine turn me on to your music. just a tribal offer! you can find me on myspace. big ndn dave polk / big ndn dave music. you can see some roadpasses from my past band work at the first one. many blessing's and safe travels, my your miles be short, and you gig's be plenty!
Big NDN Dave Polk - Lubbock Texas


Mike it is L.P. If you got any available gigs let me now,please. Need to get back into the groove. Hope life is good. Call me 805-591-9250 Thanks

03.24.09Frank Pinney

Susan or Mike -- I have looked all over this website and the only thing missing is an address to mail you at. I am going to send you a contract and some info on the show if you will send that to me. Thanks, Frank

03.16.09Vivian Bruns

Mike, I received your email and have listened to your music. It sounds good. I am the artist liaison fot the Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. Please send me your address, phone, email etc and I will add you to our database. I would encourage you to check out our website at www.cowboypoets.com. Please contact me for more info.
Vivian Bruns

03.13.09Felix Kneuper

Hey Mike and Susan - Really enjoyed the concert here in Fort Stockton last night. Look forward to the nest time! Take care and May God Bless You!



hey mike, get ahold of me next time your in town. still in lo
the zone

02.14.09Harry Gaertner


I am president of the Dallas Folk Music Society in Dallas Texas. This is an informal group of folk enthusiasts that like to play and sing folk songs. The membership ranges from amateur to professional, and listeners. We meet for a Hootenanny on the second Saturday of every month, on a rotational basis, in a members home. Attendance varies from 15 to 45. About once a year we like to have a professional from outside perform at one of our Hoots. The compensation is only a token amount of $200 as we do not sell tickets for the event. If you would consider performing for the Dallas Folk Music Society, please contact me at marlrose@aol.com.
Harry Gaertner

02.12.09Christopher T. Martinez

God morning Mike,
My name is Chris Martinez and I'm the graphic designer for NM State Parks. I need to create a poster for your event at Living Desert Zoo & Gardens and I desperately need one or two of your favorite shots of either you and your guitar and or your band under hot lights and the stage. If you have a logo or a specific look like the image on your webpage cover please send them to me at my e-mail address at your earliest convenience. This is important...all images need to be 300DPI.

02.11.09John Benjamin Anderson

Hey Uncle Mike,
Great talking to you the other day...
Can't wait for ya to come back in town.
Last time was a lotta fun, but never long enough.
Give Aunt Suzan my love, Seeya Soon.


02.09.09Belen Alcala

Hello. My name is Belen Alcala. I am one of the Sales Managers for the SeaCrest Resort in Pismo Beach. We would like to have the opportunity to work with you for future endeavors. I understand you just had a past event at the Cliffs in January and we would like you to consider our property for your future events. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you. I look forward to a response.

11.25.08Christine Neff

Hi Mikey and Susie,
I just googled you tonight and what a treat to hear you singing. I miss you guys, hope you have a happy thanksgiving. You are always in my thoughts.
Keep singing!
Love ya,

11.11.08Margaret Rose Costales Sneed

Mike Lopez. I am looking for the children of Eliza Corona who married Expectacion (Mike) Lopez and they had three children: Eva Lopez Davidian, Socorro Lopez who married a man named Alex and Mike Lopez. Eliza Corona's mother was Josefa Corona. Would you please E-mail me and say yes or no, not me. Thank you.

10.20.08Peter Clark


Got your voice mail inquiring about our house concert. We do not have a regular schedule. We like to know the artists we present and go to Folk Alliance and NERFA with a view to doing so. We also visit California several times and so would be glad to know your performing schedule so we might catch a show.


09.28.08Marla Simms

HI Mike,
I am one of the new owners of the Mandolin Cafe in Tacoma. We bought it this summer and some shows were already scheduled when we purchased. I have you down on our schedule for Oct 2. I looked at your itinerary and find that you are booked somewhere else for this time. I will take you off our calendar. I guess I just wanted you to know in case you get some inquiries about it.
I used to live in Tucson and your music is making me reminisce. Quite lovely.
Thank you.

09.21.08John White

Hi Mike,
I am planning to hear you play in Sequim, Wa. next Sat. 9-27. I dont live too far from there (Whidbey Island). Looking forward to it. Give me a call.

09.10.08Laura Hall

Regarding the upcoming River Festival in Sequim WAshington. Please note that the event is at Railroad Bridge Park, not the Old Dungeness School House as indicated on JamBase. Also, we will need you to complte an entertainment contract before hand. Bob Boekelheide will email that form to you to complete and return.

Do not hestitate to contact Bob (rivercenter@olympus.net) or me (rcoffice@olympus.net) if you have any questions regarding the festival.

Thank you for particpating

08.27.08Tim Lopez

Hi Milke,

Its Tim another cousin My dad is Stan. he gave me your CD. Dude Its great!! I don't know if you know I host the weekly online talk show "THE CORNER" every Sunday Night I would love for you to call the show and be a guest. The show is 30 mins long and we only freature one guest per show. So we have about 25 min or so to promote our guest and there projects. It wtll be great to have you on the show.

All My best


08.25.08Elva Valadez@ Fort Stockton Public Library

Hello Susan,

I have been listening to Mike\'s music online and it
sounds wonderful! Would Thursday 3/26/09 @ 7:00
@ Fort Stockton Library for $400 work for you. A one hour performance and a reception to follow with CD available to sell.
I will wait for your reply. Thanks, Elva.

07.07.08mark lopez HAKU


07.06.08chase moorehouse

hey mike, its me from the smokin grill in springville al. i hope u got to see the fireworks, for you and your wifes anniversary i hope all was well in johnson tennessee thank you.... haku ps love the cd

07.05.08Joe & Vicki

Enjoyed meeting you & hearing you sing at the restruant in Springville, AL on July 4, 2008. I was the one that grew up close to Lake Tiakata (sp) in Mississippi. God speed.

07.02.08rod harrington

Great show in El Dorado, Mike. Really, really a treat to hear your stories. Hope you come back soon.

06.25.08Rick Waterhouse

Hello Mike.
Someone from your organization sent out an email to our venue - North Elk Coffee House, North East, MD www.stmaryanne.org - in the past several months with information about you and your music. Our planning committee listened to your music and would like to have you play our stage. It looks like you stay close to the West Coast and Southwestern states, but I noticed a few in the east and at least one gig in Maryland on your schedule. We run our series in the church parish hall and donate all profits to the local homeless support organization. You can see more of what we do at the website above, if you click on the North Elk Coffee House link at the bottom. We can only afford to pay $250 plus a room or $300 without the room, and I am sure you get more than that. But if you happened to be putting an east coast trip together and had a free Saturday night, we might fit into your plans. I\'ll wait to hear from you, then I could give you possible dates if you are interested. Thanks very much for your time.
Rick Waterhouse
North Elk Coffee House

06.24.08Tim Day

Hi Mike,
Please give me a call, 760-746-8061,
The ticket prices at your concert are $18.00 and $15.00 members,
Tim Day
San Diego Folk Heritage

06.02.08Rose Echavarria Franco

Hello Mr Lopez. Are you related to the Lopez family that has lived on Paso Robles Street in Oceano? If this is your family, we the Echavarria's lived accross the street for many years and have many stories to tell our grandchildren about our interaction with Angel, Mary, Eliza and Teresa to name a few.
Great music! You are very talented.


Howdy...I'm working up a list of performers with pics & contact info to distribute to the Cougar Canyon Golf Resort and other possible venues. I can't seem to click on any of your photos on your web site, Mike, to add to this list. Can you email me a few? Hope so. All the best to you and Susan.

05.16.08Lopez Lodge

Look for some great music at the Lopez Lodge

Oct 2008 date open Room and Board include

05.07.08Carol (Godfrey) Davis

sister of Cal Godfrey here. We hear from Howard you are to be in Des Moines May 16th, have to leave town that afternoon but getting information to both my sister Carla & brother Marty. Martys number 641-429-3402. Im bummed as i heard your music and love it! Carol 515-491-2213

05.03.08Gordon Mayer

Just got off the phone with Barrett. He told me to check out your Website. The music is great, and the Website looks really good. I hope I get to one of your shows.

Gordon Mayer

04.24.08Mike Lopez

Cool we have the same name, & I went to college at UCSB. How do I get one of your cd's?

04.04.08Joan MacNeish

CALL ME...I've got some possible gigs here...Cougar Canyon Golf Club (April 25), the A.R. Mitchell Museum (late June)...


03.16.08Mario Alvarado

That was a cool video, cracked me up.

02.19.08Cheryl Duckett

Thank you for your interest in playing Flowers in the Desert Concert Series.
I have a policy of not booking an artist unless I have seen a live performance,
I also don't hold any shows in the summer months.
If you are playing in the area, please let me know and I will try to catch your performance.
Cheryl Duckett

02.13.08brigitte faulkner - hospitality catering

Hi, I was recommended to you by Tammy Anderson fm Shopping Cart.
We love your music and have a benefit coming up in May in Paso Robles
western theme to save horses & enrigh lives. do you have a demo CD and a special price for benefits for horses?

01.24.08Joe Niehuser

Wow! You've been busy since the last time I saw you! Still play the old BTB release for people and they love it. My website is at http://www.niehuser.biz. I'm having some problems with my administarator so I will be working on a new one. Will have to check out your new band this summer when you play the Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City TN this summer.
Glad to see you're doing so well!!!
Joe Niehuser

01.16.08Todd Ridgway

Hey Mike, TR here, see you at the Ugly Mug tomorrow night. Make sure you have time to come by and check out the studio after your gig.

Cheers TR

01.04.08Laurie Vierheilig

Hi Mike

Our internet is not working. I want to know the date of the Chumash Pow Wow in Santa Barbara County 2008 - it was the 1st weekend in Oct. in 2007.
Please call me and let me know: 929-6710 -I'm in Nipomo.
thanks very much,

12.30.07Patrick Orozco (Yana-Hea) one who yawns

I tap into your music by looking for pow-wow information. I too am chumash from ventura and Juaneno from Capistrano. I am also a singer of the chumash songs that were left by the ancestors before us. I teach the young people of the culture of our people. I enjoy your song Juanitas wing. Your brother

12.23.07Mom & Dad (Williams)

Hi Son,
We wish you all the luck in the world. Happy Trails to you!
Love , Mom and Dad

12.23.07Lisa (your seester)

What a great website! Looks like you are going to be having many adventures this year on the road, I wish I was going with you. I hope you and Susan have the time of your lives, you deserve it! Love Lisa

12.19.07Mario Alvarado

Hey, my old friend,, how are you doing?. Hope you are doing fine. Im doing good, wish you and family a Merry Christmas.

12.01.07Marc Linder

Hey Mike,
It was great seeing you at the Club House the other day. It has been a long time since we worked together--good times! I'm impressed with your web site.
I intend to come and see you when you play in SLO. Keep in touch.



10.07.07Tammy Anderson

Can you please contact me at 805 237-8531 or 591-9611

09.06.07Alicia Summers

Band needed for our Celebration of Harvest festival October 13, 2007 at 1PM at Rancho Sisquoc Winery. Bands are paid in wine(the finest in the area that we choose for you) If interested I would love to hear from you. It is an amazing venue. (I have heard you play and you are great)

09.05.07John Zavala

It was a nice to see you and chat for a few minutes. I will keep in touch and maybe catch you up in oceano sometime, I go up that way alot. I really like the website it gives a great outline of you and your music! Take care and safe travels... allways. A-ho Johnny........

08.29.07Chris Nordyke

Hey Mike & Susan,
We want to thank you for a swell reuinon!!! It was great to see ya Mike and meet Susan. We both dug your tunes as we headed home singin along and beatin our feet!! You are doing a great job of producing a quality product. Keep up the good work!
If you venture up to PO. please let us know your coming. If you need a place to stay you're certainly welcome to stay here. Barb is an awsome cook, and I think you will find it quite comfortable here. We would love to see ya.
Mike if I run across any decent bookings I will give you holler. If you can let me know what you need to get for bookings it would help.
Must go for now.
Happy Trails Till we meet again, C & B

08.12.07Mario Alvarado

Wow! Saw the article about Randy, in the SB Independent. Wish I was there. Is that the same Barbara Woods that we jammed with in High School? If it is I havent seen her in years.Hope you are doing ok. Im still in shock about Randy passing at such a young age. Hope your dad is recovering ok, send him my regards. Mario

07.23.07Mario Alvarado

Have not seen you for a whle. Whats been happening? Drop me an e-mail Hope to see you soon. Do you still play in Lompoc?

07.20.07Liz McCleney

Hey Mike, got any plans for any kind of memorial to Maddog, am going to miss him every day for the rest of my life as I am sure you will also. Have you heard Ron Bender has his own sports bar at the old MolleKron, that's where I work. Be in touch when you, Love always, Lizzie

07.17.07Cenen Aparicio

So sad to hear about Maddog. I am bummed. He had so much life, a good guy, personable and easy to talk with. Last time I saw him surfing Rincon he was ripping, just a few years ago. I ran into him every few months or so it seemed. Have you heard of any musical gatherings planned, maybe a Brewhouse thing? Man, we are all getting older. I really appreciate the time I had living w/ Moward and getting to know you cats and checking the Goods and the Wedding Band at great venues like Giuseppi's. A sweet joint that is now being lost in time. Peace out Mike.


05.22.07Tim Day

Hi Mike,
Would you please send me an email of your bio, at the rate I type copying from your web page would take a week,

05.22.07Tim Day San Diego Folk Heritage

Hi Mike, Love your music,
are you interested in a gig in the San Diego aera?
If so send me a phone number, or call me,
Tim Day
San Diego Folk Heritage
Vice Chairfolk / Booking
2344 Big Pine Rd
Escondido CA

05.17.07Tom White (John White's brother)

Hey you guys, didn't know you lived local. I'm John White's brother, Tom. Give me a call 710-0830. We'll get together and drink a beer or something.

04.13.07Joni @ Haciend O'Holland Animal Care Foundation

want to talk to you about playing at our Fund Raiser. Please call 688-8612

04.04.07Steve See

looking forward to hearing you play soon!


Hi, I am looking for a small band (one or two guys) to play a luncheon for the staff of the Dunn School on May 17 at lunchtime. I need to know how much you charge hourly and if the date is a date you would be available?

Susan Ybarra was nice enought to give me your website.

Thank you, please get back to me asap.

Sandy Rose

03.19.07Linda Gomez

having a luau/summer party at our home in the Valley this summer, possibly mid July. Date hasn't been set yet. How much would you charge us for this "back yard party" event?
Nice web-site. My husband, Vince Gomez is tribal member.

01.22.07Judy Woodward

We (Larry -Western Pts., John & I) so enjoyed you at Smokin' Jacks on Sat. (1/20). You were amazing, as was Howard, not to mention JOEY! Nice to meet you all. Great website, too! Look forward to another wonderful time at SMOKIN' JACKS. Best to you, Judy


Thanks for the music tip. She's awesome!

11.07.06Phoebe Patterson

I spoke to you this past weekend at the Danish Inn relative to playing at the Gainy for the Solvang Friendship House Axuliary in May of 2007 (this is an annual event for us). You mentioned that there are more members in your group. Please tell me more about what you have to offer and what your cost is based on number of members playing. Do you furnish your own amplifying equipment & mikes? Our date is May 6th - are you currently available?

Thank You.


iM going to send you pictures from smoking jacks in burbank.
The viedos came out to dark. lots of love,

10.18.06Patricia Roether

Are you available on November 18, 2006 to play at a wedding?

08.30.06Dustin Pace

Yo, yo, yo. Killer site. Was this professionally done? Lovely, lovely.

08.29.06Agustin Hernandez

Hey Mike,
The music is great... very impressed!!! Best Wishes and Good luck (Mykey)!

08.26.06jan garfinkle

Hey Mike---cool website very pro----one of the best I've seen ---we need to play some blues soon--Jan G


I love your web page!! I love the music and the pics! Thanks Ash

08.15.06Adrienne, Desert Rhythm Records

Nice! I like it. That's a great song for the intro too.

Our Jazz & Blues Fest is this weekend and I think it's picking up speed nicely - We're anticipating a good turnout
I'll let you know how it went.
Take care - next time we're on the coast we'll try to catch one of your shows. One of our sons is living in Goleta now.

08.15.06Eric Anderson

Great Web Site . When are you coming to the East Coast? You know you have a standing invitation at Fins Hawaiian Fusion....you'd pack 'em in. We love you and your music. Best of luck. Ricky

08.15.06K. Smith

Wonderful songs, Beautiful voice. Can't wait to hear more. My husband and I dearly loved your music and when we are in the area we will look you up! Also nice touch in your web page with the music looping around!!!!!!!

08.14.06Susan Ybarra

The best original music I've heard in a very long time, Looking forward to your next CD!